Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Out Of Whack

Out Of Whack

My children are on holidays with their grandparents and they are loving every moment. As for me, I am totally out of routine. Who would have thought, I needed my children to keep me in routine? 

After dropping my children off to mum and dad's, I envisioned by week to be filled with lots of early morning walks, going out for dinner with hubby, catching up on my latest book and finishing a few projects that I have been putting off.

So this is how my week is really panning out. I am waking up early, having a rather long breakfast then slowly getting into my projects. Housework has been bypassed and I am yet to cook a meal. Naughty! By the time hubby comes home from work, I am covered in paint so I figured, cooking a meal would be a health and safety issue. We don't want paint in our meal now do we?

I am usually quite tidy, like to have everything in it's place by the end of the day and looking around me at the moment, I am shaking my head. Power tools everywhere. I have started every project and yet to finish one. 

Hope to have some photos up soon, that is of course if I finish one. 

One project I definitely need to get into is, cleaning this house before my children get home or I may find myself on the time out chair

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