Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Don't Ring Me

Don't Ring Me

Don't Ring Me

Seriously, I do not want to answer the phone 5 to 6 times a day to hear about lowering my gas, phone, electricity bills, go on amazingly cheap holidays or get another life insurance policy. Leave me alone!! 

I have registered my name for 'No more Calls' and I still get them. They start at 9:30am and sometimes go until 8:30pm.

I now remind very politely of this when I am in the middle of cooking, changing nappies, eating or putting out the washing when I run to phone only to find a delayed voice who insists they are ringing from Melbourne. Quite obvious to me they aren't when they make a point of now telling me within their first sentence! Who does that?

I like to ask them about the weather in Melbourne, they brush me off why? Because they are not ringing from Melbourne, they have no idea. Once I even told them that I didn't need to lower my electricity bill because I'm a millionaire and I have no problem paying astronomical bills, made them speechless. 

I'm thinking next time I may just give the phone to Baxter, he loves to talk on the phone as any two year old does. See how we go, should be entertaining. 

Am I the only one here who gets so many calls a day? Sorry for the whinge but I've had it! I feel sorry for the people who are calling me to talk legitimately, I end up answering the phone quite rudely. Sorry mum.

Anyway have a good weekend, I've calmed down now.

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