Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Lunch Box Inspiration

Lunch Box Inspiration

Lunch Box Inspiration

Lunch Box Inspiration

After yesterday's lousy effort I need a little more inspiration for the kinder lunch.

Am I the only one who is slightly intimidated by images of lunch boxes that have made into visual art. My version of a lunch box is a little more slapped together but certainly keeping them healthy, that the main objective here right?

Sometimes I need a little inspiration to keep the lunchbox looking yummy and offering a variety foods. This chart found on Pinterest from 'Meet The Dubiens' have provided great inspiration, this one will definitely get printed, laminated and stuck on the fridge, get your version here

They also have a free download for their adorable lunch notes as well. I have only just started adding little notes to Tyler's lunch box, writing only simple words that he can read independently like, 'I love you Tyler, from mum'. It's nicer if he can read these for himself rather than asking his kinder teacher. 

Had to laugh when hubby was asking where was his note, so of course I stuck one in his lunchbox. Wonder if he had to get someone to read his!! 

Don't get me wrong, lunch boxes shouldn't something we need to stress about, we have enough pressures that we put upon ourselves as mothers. I just like to have a lot of variety for Tyler and make each lunch box different from the last. I think back to my early school days and I was given boring sandwiches day in day out and eventually I just stopped eating them. I would hide them or throw them out. So I don't want history repeating itself. I want Tyler to look forward to eating his lunch. 

Where do you get your lunch box ideas?

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